Governor Sandoval Brings Rooftop Solar Back to Nevada

National and state-based solar companies ready to get back to work

Today, Nevada Governor Sandoval approved a measure that will bring solar installations, local jobs and consumer confidence back to Nevada. The Governor was surrounded by clean energy companies and champions as he signed Assembly Bill 405, which credits solar customers with 95% of the retail electricity rate for the excess generation they send to the grid. In December 2015, utility regulators upended state law in an abrupt decision to eliminate solar net metering, blindsiding Nevada’s solar industry and nearly 30,000 rooftop solar customers. Governor Sandoval’s approval signals that Nevada is once again open for business.

Sandoval signs 405.JPG

“We thank Governor Sandoval for closing the final chapter of a seventeen-month saga to bring solar rights back to Nevada,” said Jessica Scott, Interior West Director of Vote Solar. “Thanks to the tireless leadership of community organizers, clean energy advocates, solar customers and state lawmakers, Nevadan families and workers once again have the right to power their own homes and businesses with solar and be fairly credited for the excess clean energy they send to grid.”

“Robco Electric would like to thank Governor Sandoval and the legislative team, for bringing jobs back to Nevada, allowing solar choice, and helping the environment by the signing AB405,” said Rob Kowalczik, President of RobCo Electric, a Las Vegas-based solar installation company. “The Robco Electric Family is very grateful.”

“Sol-Up USA greatly appreciates solar compensation coming back to Las Vegas and Nevada, ending two years of dire straits for the solar industry and its employees,” said Frank Rieger, CEO of Sol-Up USA, a Nevada-based solar installation company. “We’re glad that our legislation returned to the path of common sense so that Sol-Up USA can continue to provide the best products and service to its clients in the Las Vegas valley.”

“Radiant Solar Solutions thank Governor Sandoval and the Legislators of Nevada for passing bills that bring the power of solar choice back to Nevadans,” said Kevin Romney, General Manager of Radiant Solar Solutions. “This bill will allow us to hire many individuals as Radiant Solar seeks to help Nevadans in their quest for cleaner, cheaper energy independence.”

The bill is among eleven clean energy bills approved by Nevada’s legislature, including bills to increase the state’s renewable goals to 40% by 2030 and to establish a statewide community solar program that expands solar access to renters and low-income families. Nevada legislators also passed a groundbreaking energy storage program, increased energy efficiency investment, and a new clean energy financing program.

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