Here’s How We’ll Win in 2017

I’m guessing that you could use a little sunshine right about now. How’s this? When it comes to solar energy, we can and will keep winning.

vote solar team celebrating

Here’s our 5 step plan for keeping the U.S. moving forward on solar in 2017 – regardless of what happens in Washington:

1: Bring power to the people. We will work to defend and expand consumer solar access, whether it’s on your own rooftop or nearby your community. With solar competing on cost with traditional energy options, we expect the national onslaught of utility attacks on net metering, customer fees and other anti-solar rate design proposals to continue in states nationwide. We are planning to expand our team that’s dedicated to preserving consumer solar options in these important fights.

2: Drive competitive utility solar development. In many places around the country solar and wind are already cheaper than the polluting alternatives, no matter how you slice it. Competitive solar programs are resulting in tremendous solar growth today in states from Idaho to Georgia. We can keep winning with state policies and programs that simply keep the way clear for solar to compete fairly with traditional polluting energy sources, a message that can find strong support on both sides of the aisle.

3: Expand opportunities in low-income and rural communities. Affordable solar energy has the power to improve health and well-being for families nationwide, benefits that are especially important for low-income and rural communities. We are committed to partnering with equity and community groups to give more people a stake in our growing solar economy – and the jobs, savings and health benefits that it brings. Our 2017 plan has a strong focus on solar access in many of the states where we have deep roots, and we are excited to be adding staff for the first time in the Midwest to reach heartland communities as well.

4: Leaders gotta lead. States have a proud tradition of leading the nation when it comes to climate and clean energy, and today that leadership is more important than ever. You can bet that we are going to push top solar states like California, New York and Massachusetts to be bold and keep raising the bar when it comes to solar progress.

5: Show policymakers that everybody loves solar. Solar energy is enormously popular, enjoying over 80% support from both Trump and Clinton supporters according to a recent Pew poll. We will prove once again – as we saw so clearly in states like Nevada and Florida in 2016 – that the overwhelming majority of Americans want solar progress and are willing to use their votes and their voices to prove it.

And that’s where you come in. The opposition may have money and resources, but we have overwhelming public support on our side. We need people like you to get engaged and show your support for a better, brighter solar powered future. You can start by asking your friends and neighbors to join us in this fight for solar progress. 

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