Nevada Poised to Go Big on Clean Energy

Nevada state lawmakers are back in Carson City, and they’re busy. Over the next three months, policymakers will decide the fate of the Silver State’s clean energy economy in more than a dozen related bills.

nevada state capitol annex

Vote Solar is laser-focused on three opportunities in Nevada that support lasting solar jobs, expand consumer energy options, and improve energy security in the state, and we’ve teamed up with clean energy advocates, community leaders and lawmakers to move them forward.

1.     Community Solar (SB 392will increase clean energy opportunities and unlock the cost-savings benefits of solar for more Nevadan residents, particularly renters and low-income families.

Cost-competitive solar power deliver tremendous benefits, but the traditional panels-on-your-roof approach to solar simply does not work for many of Nevada’s energy consumers. Families who rent, with shaded rooftops, or that lack access to financing options face barriers to participation. Community solar allows customers to subscribe to a solar project located somewhere else in their community and earn credit on their utility bills for their portion of the clean power produced. This statewide program would connect more Nevadans with the solar power they want and spur additional investment in Nevada’s new energy economy, and ensures that low-income families are able to participate.

2.     Renewable Portfolio Standard (AB 206) will increase Nevada’s renewable targets to 50% by 2030 and set a goal of at least 80% by 2040. Increasing the Silver State’s renewable goals is not only ambitious – it’s within reach. Solar and other clean resources are affordable, abundant and more popular than ever in Nevada, and state leaders aim to put those resources to work powering Nevada’s new energy economy, supporting good paying jobs, and creating healthier communities for Nevada families.

3.    Restore Net Metering (AB 270) – Solar customers should be fully and fairly compensated for their valuable contribution of local clean energy to the grid, and this bill aims to deliver. After more than a year fighting in all forums to restore net metering, the law is now being hashed out in the legislature. That means that the voices of Nevadan families and businesses are more powerful than ever on driving solar progress.

If we’re able to expand the benefits of clean energy access to all communities, up the ante on the Silver State’s renewable goals, and restore rights for families and businesses that invest in solar, then Nevada will regain leadership as a clean energy powerhouse.

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