New National Poll: Solar Wins the Popularity Contest

Earlier this month, Gallup conducted a national poll on public attitudes on domestic energy sources. The results underline what we already know—solar is wildly popular throughout the country and across party lines.

Cutie pies with solar panels

Some takeaways:

  • Solar tops the list as the energy source that most Americans say needs more emphasis—79%, to be exact. Wind was the next most popular at 70%, while coal came in at a dismal 28%.
  • Solar is growing in popularity, gaining three points since the last Gallup poll on this topic two years ago, while natural gas is losing steam. Support for more emphasis on natural gas declined by 10% since 2013.
  • Solar has strong support across party lines, with 70% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats supporting more emphasis on it. Solar’s highest support is among Independents—83%.

None of this is a big surprise. Still, it’s a good reminder that as we fight the good fight in states all across the country to increase access to solar and keep lowering costs, we’ve got the power of the people behind us.

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