New record for solar prices?


How many times have you heard that solar is ‘too expensive’? Google the phrase, and you get 42 million hits. There are some reporters that seem to have a macro that starts every solar article that way.

Hose showing solar saving with money

But just how expensive is solar? Southwestern Public Service, a utility in New Mexico, recently filed for approval of two 70 MW solar contracts. The price? Levelized over 25 year power purchase agreements, $41.55/MWh and $42.08/MWh. (Regulatory filing here.)

Four cents per kWh is cheaper than SPS’s avoided cost. That’s cheaper than any other solar contract we’ve heard of to date. And let us know if you hear of a new nuclear, coal, or gas plant willing to guarantee a price that low.

Why, that’s almost too cheap to meter…


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