Vote Solar’s Bill Tracker for New Mexico State Legislature 2023

The 2023 New Mexico State Legislature began with an influx of bills introduced in both the Senate and House. We’ve created a bill tracker to provide a quick overview of the bills we are monitoring closely. While we state if we oppose or support the bill, our position is not an official endorsement and is subject to change. This page is not automatically updated as bills move through the legislature. The date and time of last update is provided. For more information, please email Mayane Barudin at

Category Chamber Bill Number Primary Sponsors Bill Name Description Vote Solar Position
Climate/Energy House HB32 Rep. Sariñana; Sen. Stewart ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM INCOME TAX CREDIT Support
Climate/Energy House HB42 Rep. Thomson; Rep. Ortez PUBLIC HEALTH AND CLIMATE RESILIENCY Support
Climate/Energy House HB95 Rep. Lujan; Rep. Sarinana
Climate/Energy House HB188 Rep. Rubio; Rep. Ortez; Rep. Serrato; Rep. Anthony; Rep. Johnson ECONOMIC TRANSITION ACT Support
Climate/Energy House HB218 Rep Ortez; Sen. Stewart; Rep. Rubio; Rep. Lente; Rep. Borrego LOW-INCOME PUBLIC UTILITY RATES This bill will require electric and gas utilities to provide a low-income rate. The goal is to bring the average low-income user to a energy burden of 5% or less. 19 other states already offer a low-income rate. Support
Climate/Energy Senate SB5 Sen. Stefanics; Rep. Thomson PUBLIC HEALTH AND CLIMATE RESILIENCY Support
Climate/Energy Senate SB53 Sen. Steinborn; Rep. McQueen; Rep. Sarinana; Rep. Roybal Caballero STORAGE OF CERTAIN RADIOACTIVE WASTE The bill proposes to ban the storage or disposal of high-level nuclear waste in New Mexico, unless preempted by federal law, just as Texas, Oregon and other states have done. Support
Climate/Energy Senate SB56 SEN. SOULES RENEWABLE ENERGY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SIZE REQUIREMENTS Expands behind the meter solar system – right now they are 120% hisotorical usage. With this, systems could be sized for future projected use (i.e. buying an EV). Support
Climate/Energy Senate SB266 Sen. Stefanics; Rep. Romero RETAIL DISTRIBUTED GENERATION Support
Climate/Energy Senate SB169 Sen. Stefanics; Rep. Ortez; Rep. Maestas CLIMATE INVESTMENT CENTER & FUND Creates legislation recognizing a statewide Climate Investment Fund (“green bank”) as an independent nonprofit organization that is an investment vehicle for sustainable energy, water, and transportation projects. The bank would be the landing spot for federal green-bank funds that were established in the Inflation Reduction Act. Support
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