Picuris Pueblo: Shining Light on New Mexico’s Community Solar Opportunity

Picuris Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. Today, on their ancestral land in the mountains of northern New Mexico, the indigenous people of Picuris are putting community solar to work lowering electricity bills for every family in the tribe, all while increasing community resilience and combatting climate change. Watch their story here …

Solar has quickly become one of America’s fastest growing and lowest cost energy sources – but the panels-on-your-roof approach to solar simply doesn’t work for everyone. Families and businesses who rent, live in multi-tenant buildings or have shaded rooftops faces barriers to participation. Community solar works to give everyone a way to go solar as part of a shared community solar installation located nearby in their community and still receiving a credit on their utility bill for their share of the power produced, much as if it was located on their own rooftop.

New Mexico is one of a growing number of states that are working to enable this commonsense approach to expanding solar opportunity. In a 45-25 vote earlier this month, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed the Community Solar Act (HB210), a bill that would gives renters, low- moderate-income households, tribal communities and many others equitable access to clean energy and lower electricity costs. This important bill is now under consideration in the state Senate.

Huge thanks to the people of Picuris for showing New Mexico and the nation the power of solar-for-all. The sun shines for everyone and solar should too!

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