Our Policy Priorities

Vote Solar targets policies that address this simple but powerful equation for growth: affordability + access = scale. 

We believe that the strongest solar market is one that creates diverse and lasting opportunities for investment and participation. As such, we support policies that enable solar growth at the consumer, community and utility scale.


Community Solar Checklist

Community solar is a proven solution that expands access to solar regardless of income level or housing type, giving 75% of American households who can't access rooftop solar the opportunity to benefit from local clean energy. Developed by Vote Solar and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), this checklist highlights elements of successful voluntary community ...

Inclusive solar finance framework.png

Inclusive Solar Finance Framework

Policy and market solutions can address financial barriers, unlock solar opportunity for 78 million low-income, low-credit U.S. households The solar energy industry has experienced significant growth over the last decade. During this time there has been a significant transformation in how customers receive, interact, use and generate the clean energy that powers our homes and ...


Community Solar Vision

Thanks to pent up customer demand for affordable clean solar energy, community solar has successfully expanded access to solar for American homeowners, renters, and businesses and has become the fastest growing segment of the solar market with over 1GW of installed capacity. Three out of four households across the country cannot access traditional rooftop solar. ...

More Resources

» Solar Consumer Resources
Solar consumer protection resources from reputed national organizations

» Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA)
The online home of the U.S. solar trade association

» Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® (DSIRE)
Current solar policies in all 50 states

» Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
Regulatory expertise for distributed renewable energy

» Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)
A resource for utility solar decision-making

» National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Solar energy basics from the U.S. Department of Energy

» EnergySage
Interested in going solar? EnergySage is a DOE-backed resource to help you compare solar equipment, financing and vetted installers

Our Guides 

Low income solar policy guide photograph

Low-Income Solar Policy

Vote Solar, GRID Alternatives, and Center for Social Inclusion guide to policies that expand access to solar in low-income communities. 

Freeing the Grid map

Freeing the Grid

Best practices in state net metering policies and interconnection procedures.

shared renewables

Shared Renewables HQ

Shared renewable energy can help renters and millions of other American homes, schools and businesses choose clean energy for the first time.

coalition for solar

Coalition for Solar Rights

Rooftop solar is an innovative way for families, schools and businesses to take charge of their power generation and utility bills like never before.