Poll: 65% of Arizonans Want a 100% Clean Energy Standard, Even During Pandemic

Poll finds broad support for proposal currently pending at Arizona Corporation Commission

Phoenix, AZ — 65% of Arizonans favor 100% clean energy by 2050, a new poll by Public Policy Polling commissioned by solar rights group Vote Solar found. The Arizona Corporation Commission is currently considering whether to increase the state’s renewable energy requirement from 15% by 2025 to 100% clean energy by 2050.

The polling also showed that 77% of those who support the increase still think it’s important to pass the 100% proposal during the pandemic.

“A majority of Arizona Corporation Commissioners have already expressed both in writing and in an unofficial vote that they support drafting rules for a 100% clean energy future,” said Art Terrazas, Interior West Director at Vote Solar. “Now it’s clear that Arizonans agree, and want the Commission to act now.”

When it comes to clean energy, Arizonans feel most strongly about righting the wrongs of past energy policies that resulted in environmental injustice. Of all the questions in the poll, supporting clean energy-driven economic redevelopment in communities negatively impacted by fossil fuels garnered the most support, 68%.

“How we transition to 100% clean energy is of critical importance, especially for Native communities in Arizona,” said Mayane Barudin, Interior West Manager and Tribal Liaison at Vote Solar. “The current proposal ensures that Native communities are first in line for clean energy jobs and investment. Arizonans’ broad support for a clean energy economy that prioritizes energy justice will help relieve frontline communities of the intergenerational impacts of fossil fuels.”

In addition to finding overwhelming support for a 100% clean energy rule, the poll also found that:

  • 65% of Arizonans do not believe that voluntary measures such as Arizona Public Service’s commitment to 100% clean energy are sufficient, and believe that the state still needs a binding clean energy standard.
  • 63% of Arizonans want 10% of that clean energy to come from local families and businesses that choose to go solar.
  • 61% of Arizonans think Arizona’s utility regulators should act quickly to expand and establish a new policy for energy efficiency.
  • 59% of Arizonans support setting an interim target of 45% renewable energy by 2030.

The poll sampled 530 Arizonans, 37% Democratic Primary Voters and 43% Republican Primary Voters. The poll was conducted via online poll, text to web and phone calls between May 8 and May 10.

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