Regressive Arizona bills threaten clean energy progress

The slew of bad bills advancing in the Arizona state legislature threatens our regenerative future. We’re taking action to protect Arizona’s commitment to clean energy progress.

Just this month, the state House passed a bill that would strip the Arizona Corporation Commission of their authority to pass clean energy standards for the state, undermining years of work to develop a 100% clean energy standard that is on the cusp of being enacted. An identical bill is being considered by the Senate (SB 1175).

Together with our allies, including Solar United Neighbors (SUN), we’ve submitted hundreds of letters to elected leaders, lobbied, written opinion pieces for local papers and placed ads opposing these regressive and anti-democratic bills. Vote Solar members have been with us every step of the way, sending messages of opposition and making their voices heard.

With the legislative session ending April 24, we need Arizonans to speak out and protect our commitment to 100% clean energy!

If you’re in Arizona, take action now.

These bills send the wrong message about Arizona: that it is not looking to the future, does not want to keep up with cost-saving clean energy technologies, and is not interested in helping to protect our environment.

In fact, the opposite is true. Our polling last year showed overwhelming support for clean energy jobs and savings, a just transition for coal communities and a 100% clean energy future. Arizonans know that clean energy creates jobs, cleans up our air and water, and protects public health.

We won’t give up until these regressive, anti-democratic bills are stopped. Join us by contacting your local officials now!

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