Remind Governor Brown that Climate Change Starts at Home

Governor Jerry Brown supports solar

California’s Governor Brown is traveling to Paris for to push global leaders to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s make sure he knows that climate leadership starts by keeping the way clear for families, schools and businesses to go solar at home.

California has a proud history of leading the country and the world on environmental action – and clean solar energy is a major part of our success. The policies and programs that Governor Brown and our other state leaders have championed have made us the nation’s solar leader with more than 450,000 solar roofs. These local clean energy systems have reduced harmful emissions, supported thousands of solar jobs and driven millions of dollars of private investment in a better, cleaner energy system. They have also empowered California consumers to be active participants in our drive toward climate and clean energy progress. Our net metering policy, which gives consumers full credit for their valuable clean energy investment, has been critical to our solar growth.

Now the future of net metering is uncertain, and we need Governor Brown’s leadership once again. In the next 30 days, the Public Utilities Commission will decide on the future of our net metering program. And with the big utilities pushing fees and other harmful changes, it’s unclear whether the Golden State will continue to lead on solar – or slam the brakes on consumer-driven clean energy progress. With California’s commitments soon to be on the world’s stage at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, let’s remind Governor Brown and the PUC that global climate leadership starts by protecting net metering and expanding solar access for consumers right here in California!

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