Vote Solar Responds to Undermining of Equity and Inclusion by SCOTUS

In today’s decision on 303 Creative v. Elenis, the Supreme Court has struck yet another devastating blow to human rights, dignity, and equality. The ruling comes just a day after the court struck down race-conscious admissions for colleges and universities in their ruling in Students for Fair Admission Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, a grievous decision that will exacerbate existing inequities in higher education and uphold a culture of white supremacy. As a team that values equity and inclusion as core tenets of how we work, we’re heartbroken by these painful, state-sanctioned setbacks on the journey toward a society grounded in justice and fairness.

Today’s ruling will have immediate and heartbreaking impacts on members of our team, our partners and allies, and the communities we aim to serve. By eroding protections for LGBTQIA+ individuals and striking down admissions programs that have been proven to close racial disparities in higher education, the court has chosen to undermine generations of hard-fought progress

As an organization that understands the importance of bringing Black and Brown voices into historically and systemically exclusive spaces, we recognize that eliminating affirmative action programs will perpetuate the very systems that we are seeking to transform. Operating under the false pretense of “colorblindness” only causes harm. 

It’s also important to state clearly that these decisions did not happen in a vacuum. In recent years, LGBTQIA+ folks have faced an increase in threats, hateful rhetoric, violence, and bigoted policies designed explicitly and solely to further marginalize transgender and gender non-conforming people. This rise in hate has disproportionately impacted queer folks of color, and especially Black trans women, who are overwhelmingly represented in instances of anti-trans violence. 

The Vote Solar team condemns not only these individual SCOTUS rulings, but any and all harm to members of systematically oppressed communities.  I’m honored to work on a team where compassionate, justice-minded people of all backgrounds and identities are able to come together in pursuit of a shared vision — an equitable, resilient world. As we continue to progress toward that vision, I reaffirm my personal commitment to building a vibrantly diverse and inclusive environment where all staff, partners, members, and supporters feel safe and welcomed as their authentic selves. 

In Grief and Solidarity, 

Sach + the Vote Solar team


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