Solar’s Chance to Shine in Florida’s 2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Florida legislative session kicked off this month with a slew of clean energy bills aimed at mobilizing solar power to tackle the climate crisis, help families with high electric bills and make us more energy secure. This year, Vote Solar is prioritizing 100% renewable energy for the state, solar on schools, energy bill relief and climate resilience. Here are the bills we’re supporting and we think you should support, too, if you’re in Florida!

100% renewable energy for Florida: Rep. Eskamani and Sen. Berman go big on a bill that would make Florida 100% renewable energy-based by 2050. Also related to energy planning, Sen. Brandes’ bill would create an “Energy 2040 Task Force” under the Public Service Commission to make recommendations about state energy policy.

  • HB 283 (Erskamani), SB 720 (Berman): 100% Renewable Energy-based by 2050
  • SB 136 (Brandes): “Energy 2040 Task Force”

Unlocking solar for Florida’s schools: A suite of bills would help Florida’s schools save money and energy with solar by giving them more financing options, providing technical assistance and creating pilot programs targeting their unique needs. This legislation would result in more savings for schools and more energy security for communities that rely on schools for emergency shelters. These are no-brainer solutions with bipartisan support.

Energy bill relief: No one should go without access to power and water during the middle of a pandemic. Thankfully, Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith and Sen. Shevrin Jones have filed bills to help Florida’s families #KeepTheLightsOn. 

Resilience for All: The impacts of the climate crisis are felt more acutely in our state than almost anywhere else in the country. We must prepare for more emergencies while we simultaneously tackle climate change.

Several great bills this session focus on the potential for solar and battery storage to keep the lights on at critical facilities during weather emergencies. Additionally, Senator Farmer introduced a resolution expressing the Legislature’s support for investment in resilient infrastructure that centers the needs of low-income communities who are most vulnerable to sea level rise and other climate impacts.

  • SB 1360 (Cruz), HB 1105 (Goff-Marcil): Energy Security and Disaster Resilience Pilot Program
  • HB 993 (Skidmore), SB 1362 (Polsky): Emergency Shelter Energy Capacity
  • SR 1190 (Farmer): Infrastructure Solutions/Climate Resilience

Live in Florida and want to support these bills? Send a letter to your legislators today!

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