South Carolina House Passes HB 4421 Electric Consumer Bill of Rights Act

Columbia, S.C. — April 4, 2018: In a 64-33 vote, the South Carolina House of Representatives today passed House Bill 4421, the Electric Consumer Bill of Rights Act, which will allow more families and businesses to choose to go solar, take control of their electricity bills, and invest in the state’s growing solar workforce.

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The bill passed its second reading today but still faces a third reading next Tuesday before it moves to the Senate. 

Below is a statement from Thad Culley, Southeast Regional Director for Vote Solar supporting the bill’s passage:
“We applaud the bi-partisan leadership of South Carolina lawmakers, who have prioritized the interests of their constituents by passing H. 4421 today. South Carolinians pay some of the highest utility bills in the country, and this vote takes one important step toward giving more families and businesses a competitive option for lowering their electricity bills and protecting the state’s 3,000 local solar jobs. We now look to the Senate to support the bill and move South Carolina’s clean energy economy forward with a commitment to property rights and free market principles.”
H. 4421 contains a number of common-sense consumer protections that would expand solar opportunity in South Carolina, including lifting a restrictive 2% cap on the state’s successful net metering program. Net metering makes sure solar customers get fair credit on their utility bills for the valuable solar power they send to the energy grid, which lowers costs for all consumers by reducing reliance on expensive utility power plants. This simple crediting arrangement is one of the most important state policies for empowering families, churches, schools, and businesses to meet their own power needs with solar energy.
About Vote Solar: 
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