Speak Out for Solar Rights in Utah

The future of rooftop solar is at stake in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power is proposing to cut what it pays to Utah families and businesses for their solar energy by 84%. Speak out to tell Utah’s energy regulators that solar customers deserve fair compensation for the valuable energy they provide to the grid.

RMP’s proposed rate changes could raise energy bills for new solar-powered households and businesses by cutting the credit they receive for sending power to the grid, from 9.2 cents per kWh to just 1.56 cents per kWh.

These new rules would have immediate impacts on new solar customers in 2021, and could put our 7,000 local solar jobs, clean air, and continued renewable energy progress at risk.

Vote Solar is speaking out as part of a contested proceeding in front of the Utah Public Service Commission (Docket No. 17-035-61), which will hold a public hearing on Oct. 5. UPSC is expected to issue a ruling by the end of the year, which will determine the future of rooftop solar. Here’s how you can join us to take action:

1) Tell energy regulators to protect solar rights in Utah! Submit a public comment to the Utah PSC.

If you agree that families and businesses who invest in rooftop solar in Utah should be fairly compensated for the valuable energy they generate for the electric grid, please take a few minutes to send your comment to the PSC. We’ve made it easy for you — just personalize and submit your own story.

2) Sign up to speak out at the Oct. 5 Virtual Public Hearing – Deadline Sept. 30.

This is a critical opportunity to speak out for solar rights and a strong clean energy economy in Utah. The PSC will hold a virtual public hearing through Google Meet on Oct. 5. Anyone who wants to provide public comment at the upcoming hearing must submit a formal meeting request by emailing the PSC at psc@utah.gov.

Per notice from the PSC, requests to speak at the hearing must be emailed no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Requests should have “Request to provide public comment in Docket No. 17-035-61” in the subject line, and the full name of the requester in the email to help ensure the requests are processed correctly.

Learn more about participating in the hearing and get more background on the issues from Utah Clean Energy.

Thanks to thousands of solar customers who participated in our Vote Solar study, we demonstrated that rooftop solar benefits all Utahns and our electric grid. What’s more – we showed that solar customers provide substantial value compared to what RMP wants to credit new solar owners. Solar power provides valuable grid resilience and peak energy, as well as everyday electricity. Utah families and businesses producing that energy should be compensated fairly and fully.

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