William Casey

Consultant in workforce development inatives and vocational skills for Lincoln Techincal Institute, FBOP, NAACP.

William “Bill” Casey, I have been advocating for Prison Reform and Reentry Services for over 30 years, in the areas of vocational training and support services, and workforce development opportunities with NYS. Department of Corrections, State of New Jersey Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and consulted with a host of Private Prison Industry companies across the United States. Change and history, “my own lived experience”, which drew me to this field of the Clean Energy Industry, understanding the role I have committed to years ago in equality and justice for the less than fortunate communities and populations. Understanding the full opportunities that this industry (Clean Energy) creates for all, and the full impact that this industry will have on the many diverse communities in the future. Willing to share and advise on all of my (Lived Experiences).

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