The Mountain West: Wish You Were Here

Hello from the next stop on our tour through Vote Solar’s 2015 solar campaigns: the high mountains and wide deserts of the American West. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada have world-class solar resources, but it takes more than photons to make electrons—we need good policy too.

Greetings from Colorado postcard


We celebrated a big win nearly two years in the making in Colorado where regulators decided to preserve the state’s successful net metering policy—keeping the way clear for families, schools and businesses to go solar and save. Huge thanks to our diverse coalition of community, social justice, environmental and industry organizations and members like you who all worked together to make this solar victory happen in the Centennial State!

New Mexico

We also have sunny salutations from New Mexico where we defeated a proposed new rate class that would have been very costly for solar customers. We combined our deep regulatory expertise with the legal prowess of our partners at Earthjustice to help win the day for solar. This ruling should encourage utilities across the country to think twice before proposing discriminatory solar rates.


Meanwhile in Arizona, we successfully put the brakes on one big solar fee hike in an ongoing game of whack-a-mole against the utilities’ many anti-solar proposals. And we continue to work hard in Nevada, where regulators now have until the end of the year to decide whether or not to keep solar an affordable option for local families.

Through all of these campaigns, the strength and diversity of solar supporters (that’s you!) has shown me that we really are the United States of Solar. Stay tuned for more updates from around the country on all that you’ve helped us accomplish this year!

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