Clean Energy and Smart Planning Could Save SCE Ratepayers $2.7B

At a packed public participation hearing today for Southern California Edison (SCE)’s general rate case, the national advocacy organization Vote Solar urged regulators not to approve $2.7 billion in unjustified energy system upgrades being proposed by the utility. Vote Solar noted that these costly upgrades can be deferred or avoided altogether with smart planning and ...

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Investing in a Distributed Energy Resource Future

Tackling Southern California Edison’s King-Sized Grid Modernization Investment Plan by Ed Smeloff, Managing Director, Regulatory Team, Vote Solar and Sean Gallagher, Vice President of State Affairs, Solar Energy Industries Association Utilities are beginning to advance significant grid upgrade investment proposals in order to incorporate distributed energy resources (DERs). As DERs become increasingly commonplace, we need ...

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San Francisco rally in favor of renewable energy policy

Hundreds of Solar Workers Rally at California PUC

Over 150 solar workers rallied Thursday morning at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to continue policies that support the fast-growing rooftop solar market in California. The ralliers called attention to the recent, spectacular growth of California’s solar economy, a testament to business innovation and continued policy leadership in the Golden State. A few sunny ...