Los Angeles

State Regulators Pushed California Forward on Climate Progress. It’s Time for the Market to Respond

California is making great progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So far this year, more than a quarter of all the electricity produced in California came from renewable energy technologies, with solar being the fastest growing source of new generation. But if California is to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gases to 40% below ...

Transmission utility lines

Distributed Solar Just Saved Californians $145 Million in Transmission Upgrades

In California, 2017 is off to a sunny start. The Fresno Bee reported in late December that distributed solar is either deferring or canceling the need for a previously planned high-voltage transmission line in the Golden State’s Central Valley. The state's grid operator, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), is rethinking the need for the ...

Net Metering

San Francisco rally in favor of renewable energy policy

Hundreds of Solar Workers Rally at California PUC

Over 150 solar workers rallied Thursday morning at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to continue policies that support the fast-growing rooftop solar market in California. The ralliers called attention to the recent, spectacular growth of California’s solar economy, a testament to business innovation and continued policy leadership in the Golden State. A few sunny ...