A win for clean energy in CO

Good news for clean energy and energy efficiency out of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission: PSCo will disassociate its profits from the amount of energy it sells. Right now, the more electricity PSCo sells, the more money it makes. This creates a clear disincentive for the utility to promote energy efficiency, rooftop solar and third ...


Colorado Modernizes its Community Solar Program

In a beautiful field of solar panels just outside of Denver, I watched today as Governor Jared Polis signed Colorado’s new Community Solar Modernization Act (HB19-1003) into law along with a suite of transformative clean energy and climate policies. Colorado established itself as a national leader in the charge to expand participation in the clean ...

Net Metering

A solar spill is called a nice day

Solar Net Metering Wins in Colorado!

This week, Colorado regulators decided to preserve the state's successful net metering program, one of the most important policies for empowering families, schools and businesses to go solar. Commissioners saw through the barrage of misinformation and rhetoric from solar's opponents, calling the solar crediting program "satisfactory and balanced as is." We'll say. Net metering gives ...