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Join Us For Solar Celebrations

What do Michigan churches, breweries, schools, and households have in common? They’re all going solar. More than 11,000 Michiganders now work in solar and renewable energy. Sunshine is an increasingly mainstream energy resource nationwide, and for good reason: solar lowers electric bills, gives people the freedom to take control of their own energy needs, and ...


New Report: Community Solar Can Give Energy Choices to 288,000 Michigan Residents

New community solar report finds huge economic potential for Michigan families, farmers and small businesses A new study from GTM Research found that community solar offers an enormous and untapped opportunity to serve 288,000 Michigan households and businesses across the state with affordable and reliable power. The Vision for U.S. Community Solar: A Roadmap to ...

Net Metering

Like rollover minutes for a cell phone, net metering gives solar energy customers full credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they contribute to the grid.

This simple billing arrangement is one of the most important state policies for helping Americans generate their own power from the sun. By encouraging private investment in local solar power, it’s creating jobs, reducing utility costs, and building a cleaner energy future for us all.