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Advocates Applaud PUCN Decision to Grandfather 32,000 Existing NV Solar Customers

Today the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUCN) voted unanimously in favor of grandfathering 32,000 existing solar customers back to net metering rates that fairly credit the valuable solar power they deliver to the utility grid. The vote partially reverses a decision last December that blindsided solar customers and companies, costing the state thousands of local ...

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Nevada Court Overturns Solar Rate Hike for Existing Customers

In a win for existing Nevada solar customers on Tuesday, the Nevada State District Court for Carson City ruled that a PUCN decision to hike rates on existing solar customers earlier this year was made through an unlawful process that left existing solar customers with inadequate notice and did not satisfy the due process clause ...

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More Studies Show Net Metering is a Net Benefit

Nevadans are not just getting bludgeoned by triple-digit temperatures this summer. They are also getting pummeled by a misleading anti-solar ad and PR campaign from NV Energy. The campaign’s goal is to uphold a "bait and switch" change to the state's net metering policy that decimated the solar industry in Nevada late last year. The ...