Governor Cuomo Signs Landmark New York Climate Bill Into Law

Amazing news from Manhattan where I just watched Governor Cuomo sign the landmark Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act into law. Today’s big win would not have been possible without the powerful voices of tireless community leaders and thousands of New Yorkers speaking up for a brighter, more equitable energy future. Together we made history ...


New York Passes Most Ambitious Climate Bill in the Nation

In the early morning hours of June 20, lawmakers passed New York’s landmark Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act, the most ambitious climate bill in the nation! Thanks to thousands of New Yorkers who spoke out for solar jobs and savings, healthier air, and a more just energy future, we are now officially on the ...

Net Metering


New York: Bringing Reason to the Net Metering Conversation

If you read our pages, you know that all across the country bedrock solar policies, especially net metering, are under attack. Net metering is one of the most important solar policies, because it allows solar customers to use their own solar power and to be compensated fairly for any extra clean electricity they send to ...