Vote Solar Asks Florida Commission to Make FPL’s Proposed SolarTogether Program Work for Low-Income Families

In testimony filed yesterday at the Florida Public Service Commission, Vote Solar, a non-profit solar advocacy organization with more than 30,000 Florida members, is urging improvements to Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) proposed SolarTogether program.

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In March, FPL announced plans for the nearly 1,500 megawatt SolarTogether program, which the company billed as the “largest community solar program in the United States.” Citing accessibility concerns, Vote Solar is asking the Commission to ensure that 100 megawatts of SolarTogether capacity be dedicated to reducing annual electric bills for at least 20,000 low-income households.

Below is a statement on the filing from Katie Ottenweller, Southeast Director with Vote Solar:

“Solar is now the cheapest electricity resource available to FPL, and every Floridian should be able to reap those benefits on their energy bills. Instead, the utility’s proposed SolarTogether Program would boost utility shareholder profits while putting solar out of reach for many of the more than 2 million FPL residential customers who suffer with higher-than-average energy burdens and the 1.4 million customers who live in energy poverty.

We are urging the Commission to make some critical changes to ensure that this program is accessible and affordable for more consumers, especially low-income households who have the most to gain from lower bills and should not be excluded from our growing clean economy.

As one of the largest utility-sponsored solar programs in the nation, SolarTogether has the potential to set the standard for Florida and the region, which is why it’s so important for the Commission to get this right.”

A copy of Vote Solar’s full testimony is available here.

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