Vote Solar Condemns Proposed Fossil Fuel Tax Credits in Pennsylvania

Proposed deal could provide billions in subsidies to polluting fossil gas

Today, Pennsylvania’s Senate Appropriations Committee is debating closed-door fossil-fuel investment that would expand existing tax credits to $180 million, with much of that amount being directed toward methane gas and other polluting fossil fuels. The deal is being negotiated in the final days of Pennsylvania’s legislative session. No hearings or public discussion have been held regarding the proposal. 

“This proposed fossil-fuel giveaway is being pushed through with no opportunity for public engagement or community outreach,” says Elowyn Corby, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director at Vote Solar. “Pennsylvanians have shown that they are overwhelmingly ready for a clean energy economy. Our legislators work for us, not for powerful polluters. I urge the legislature to put a swift end to this toxic proposal.” 

2022 polling from Vote Solar shows that more than 7 in 10 Pennsylvania residents view solar power favorably, making it more popular than coal, nuclear, and methane. 

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