Vote Solar’s Statement on Yesterday’s Attempted Coup in DC

Yesterday’s attempted coup marks a dark and dangerous chapter for this country.

This intentional demonstration of white supremacy was a culmination of President Trump’s long-telegraphed intention to stay in power by any means, aided by abettors who perpetuated the lies, racism, and hatred that led to this outcome. These actions must be forcefully and comprehensively responded to.

The images of Confederate flags in the halls of Congress, of insurrectionists in shirts with anti-Semitic slogans — directed by and cheered on by the president and his enablers — highlight the universal twinning of racism and fascism.

The stark contrast of police response — militarized violence for Black protestors, relative passive accommodation for white insurrectionists — is another hallmark of the white supremacy at the root of this rot, which this shameful episode laid bare.

These events and their animating inspirations, if not reckoned with and repaired, challenge the ability for us to continue as a democracy, as a constitutional republic, and as a functioning society.

For the good of the country, this must be met with accountability at all levels. The insurrectionists who stormed our nation’s Capitol must be prosecuted. The seditionists that aided and abetted the insurrection must not be allowed to hold power. The institutions that have provided financial support and social succor must be challenged to repair what they have sown. And President Trump must be removed from office by the methods our laws call for.

Adam & The Vote Solar Team

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