Advocates Condemn Indiana Move to Curb Solar

IURC decision will effectively render customer-owned solar unattainable for Vectren customers

Indianapolis, INA broad coalition of solar, environmental, and consumer advocates condemn recent decision that will considerably set back the rooftop solar market in Southwest Indiana.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) delivered a final order Wednesday that will significantly reduce the credit received by future solar owners served by Vectren, while also changing the period for earning credits so that more of the customer-owned solar generation is credited at the new lower rate.

The IURC’s ruling in the case (Cause No. 45378) is a dramatic setback for customer-owned solar in Vectren’s service territory, solidifying the utility’s monopoly stranglehold on captive consumers in Southwest Indiana.

The coalition of advocates comprise more than a century of work towards environmental and consumer outcomes in Indiana, the Midwest and nation.

Kerwin Olson, executive director, Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana:

“Once again, consumers lose at the IURC and monopolies win. It is shortsighted decisions like these that continue to leave consumers in Indiana behind and Indiana in the Dark Ages.”

Brad Klein, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law & Policy Center:

“We’re very disappointed that the IURC chose to prioritize Vectren’s profits over the interests of Vectren’s customers. The IURC’s decision is contrary to the plain language of Indiana law.”

Zach Schalk, Indiana Program Director, Solar United Neighbors:

“Solar owners deserve fair value for the electricity they generate. Rooftop solar benefits all customers by harvesting sunshine to produce clean electricity close to where it’s used. We’re disappointed in the IURC’s decision to protect Vectren’s monopoly profits at Hoosiers’ expense instead of standing up for consumers by supporting rooftop solar.”

Will Kenworthy, Regulatory Director, Midwest, Vote Solar:

“While other parts of the Midwest move to modernize their electric grid, invest in resilient clean energy and expand customer choice, Indiana decided to move backwards. Southern Indiana families and businesses want to choose clean energy, but without access to fair compensation for investing in local, homegrown solar, the IURC is severely limiting that choice, and the community benefits that come with it.”

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