California legislature approves $100 million for Community Resilience Hubs

After months of hard-fought advocacy led by environmental justice organizations, the California state Legislature approved $100 million for Community Resilience Hubs over two years.

Community Resilience Hubs are existing community centers located in and led by the communities they serve, making them uniquely responsive to local needs. Places like the RYSE Youth Center in Richmond will use solar and battery storage to provide life-saving power and services to families during blackouts caused by extreme weather, fires, or other power emergencies, as well as support community resilience year round in ways of the community’s choosing.

While $100 million will not be sufficient to fully scale Resilience Hubs across the state, this funding will be a critical investment for working class communities and communities of color on the frontlines of poverty and pollution.

We’re proud to have supported California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) partners including the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) in this campaign. Amee Raval, Policy and Research Director at APEN heralded this win:

“As California responds to escalating wildfires, drought, and extreme heat, we must recognize and prioritize the leadership and needs of communities on the frontlines of climate change. By embracing our holistic vision for resilience centers, this year’s budget takes a huge step in that direction. We are excited to shape this community-led solution to ensure our neighborhoods are equipped with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the face of disasters.”

But the fight for climate justice is a journey, not a destination. Amee added:

“The approved funding is a strong foundation, but it is not the end of our fight to secure investments in the communities hit hardest by climate change. We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature to ensure this innovative program reaches all of California’s environmental justice communities.”

We’ll keep fighting alongside our partners to ensure California’s disadvantaged communities see meaningful economic, resilience and health benefits from a quick and just transition to clean energy.

Thank you to all our members who called their state Senators in support of this critical funding!

Californians: Please call on Governor Newsom to sign the bill in the coming days.


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