Celebrating 1 Million Solar Roofs in Californi

Watch our celebration video featuring some of the solar customers who made this day possible.

Today we are celebrating *one million* solar roofs in the Golden State. With the support of strong state solar policies, California has achieved a milestone that sounded like wishful thinking just a few years ago. Our state continues to lead the solar revolution– a million rooftop solar systems is nearly one half of all solar roofs nationwide! Over a thousand California schools have installed rooftop solar, as have over ten thousand businesses statewide.

Clean energy progress has never been more necessary than it is today. From wildfires and power outages here in California to hurricanes in the Gulf, we are already experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis. Thankfully, rooftop solar and energy storage are a fantastic solution for fighting climate change and at the same time helping customers keep the lights on. State policymakers should make accelerating the deployment of onsite solar and storage a top priority as they work to make California’s grid more resilient.

California must build a grid that is more reliable, resilient, equitable and safe. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in particular continues to lead the way with innovative funding programs like the Self-Generation Incentive Program.

We know, though, that as leaders we can never rest on our laurels. Today, we celebrate one million solar roofs and the local economic investment and jobs that came with it. But we also call on California policymakers to continue to remove barriers to customer-sited solar and storage, and to promote a more equitable and inclusive clean energy economy. A just and equitable solar transformation must center disadvantaged and low-income communities and ensure everyone achieves the health, economic and resilience benefits of solar energy.

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