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We need your help to lower energy bills and expand community solar in Arizona. Community solar would help to lower your energy bills and promote clean energy in your neighborhood. You have the power to bring this program to your community. 

Community solar offers all, regardless of their roof’s ability to support rooftop solar or rental status, the chance to receive affordable, clean energy to power their homes. This program allows an entire group of people to join forces and receive clean energy from a shared solar array. Not only does this lower the cost of receiving clean energy, but it also lowers energy bills for all those involved or “subscribed”.

Vote Solar and our partners proposed to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) a program that would allow Arizona Public Service (APS) customers to sign up for community solar and receive bill credits to lower their monthly energy cost. 

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is currently reviewing our proposal and considering whether to community solar access in the state. Their vote is planned to take place November 17th, 2022. The Commissioners need to hear from the people (that’s you) to make an informed decision.

If you are an APS customer, call or email the Commissioners and tell them to support community solar, which is under docket number E-00000A-22-0103. 

If you are a business owner or community leader, please consider signing onto this letter of supportFor the letter of support, please add your name and title. You can email the letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission after at For questions, please email

Note, you MUST be an APS customer to weigh in right now. In the future, we hope to expand community solar to other utilities in Arizona. 

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TAKE ACTION Call the Arizona Corporation Commission and tell them to support community solar

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Vote Solar helped expand community solar in New Mexico. We believe we can in Arizona as well.

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