New York REVs Up for 50% Renewables

Manhattan with solar power potential

Good news from New York today where it’s been reported that Governor Cuomo will be pushing to make his impressive 50% by 2030 renewable energy goal the law of the land. This is exciting continued leadership from a state that has made transitioning to a modern clean energy system a clear priority.

It’s a big commitment, but it’s an achievable one. The price of solar energy has fallen farther and faster than anyone could have predicted 5 years ago, making sunshine a cost-competitive option. Utilities from California to Georgia are signing contracts today for solar power that are lower than the old fossil alternatives. Affordable solar and other local clean energy technologies are ready to help New York meet this 50% target – all while improving health, creating local economic opportunity and improving community resiliency along the way.

The Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) process is already working to rethink the utility model in order to take advantage of the full suite of local clean energy technologies in a way that expands active participation and limits costs for consumers. The built-in 50% target will give the already transformative REV process a clear direction for the PSC and other REV stakeholders to work toward.

While New York is surging ahead, its neighbor – Massachusetts – has stumbled in the race for solar leadership. Following months of delay and confusion fueled by utilities and their high-powered allies, the Massachusetts legislative session ended last week without raising an unnecessary net metering cap that has solar projects stalled in more than half the Commonwealth. This means that dozens of businesses, thousands of jobs and millions in investment dollars could go to other, more forward-thinking states, like New York. New York raised its net metering cap this fall without any fuss and is taking steps like its landmark Shared Renewables programNY Sun, and now today’s massive clean energy commitment to provide a clear signal to industry and consumers alike that the Empire State is open for solar business.

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