Bring Pennsylvania’s renewable energy policies into the 21st century

A decade ago, Pennsylvania was a national leader on solar. Unfortunately, the state’s renewable energy policies have fallen behind neighbors in the region. Pennsylvania can reclaim its standing as a solar champion, but we need the legislature to make it a top priority when they return in September.

Our team is hard at work on expanding solar access in Pennsylvania and ensuring an equitable clean energy economy that prioritizes frontline communities and displaced workers.

One of the most important actions Pennsylvanians can take right now is to flood legislators’ inboxes with support for equitable and accessible solar energy. A number of promising bills have been introduced in the General Assembly, and we can start building momentum now!

Email your representatives now and urge them to move Pennsylvania’s solar policies forward.

In 2010, Pennsylvania was one of the top five solar states in the nation. Since then, Pennsylvania’s policies haven’t kept pace with neighbor states. While Maryland and New Jersey have set goals of 50% clean energy by 2030, Pennsylvania’s renewable energy goal is still 8%, with only 0.5% from solar. This is, frankly, unacceptable.

Widespread solar energy means cleaner air, good local jobs, lower energy burdens for vulnerable communities, and a more resilient power grid. With bold legislative action, we can accomplish all of this, while also guaranteeing a just transition for frontline communities and displaced workers.

We’re simultaneously experiencing a climate emergency and recovering from a historic economic downturn. We need renewable energy policies that meet the moment and help Pennsylvania reclaim national leadership on solar. Lawmakers must make expanded solar access and increased renewable energy goals top priorities when the legislature reconvenes this fall.

Pennsylvanians: Write to your representatives today and ask them to support cleaner air, good local jobs, lower energy costs, and a more resilient power grid.




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