Support community solar in Pennsylvania

Solar power is a clean, healthy, and affordable way to power homes and businesses — but too many Pennsylvania residents are still unable to reap the benefits. That’s where community solar comes in.

While rooftop solar is limited to certain types of homes, community solar makes it easier for everyone to save money on their energy bills and help clean up our grid. Through a community solar program, anyone with an electric bill can subscribe to a large solar array and generate a portion of their electricity from the sun.

Community solar has major traction in Harrisburg, with bills introduced in both chambers that would create a community solar program in Pennsylvania, allowing 230 solar projects to move forward and jump-starting economic development across the Commonwealth. The bills already have bipartisan support, but lawmakers need to hear from as many constituents as possible.

As the Pennsylvania legislature reconvenes, we need to make sure that community solar is at the top of their to-do list.

Pennsylvanians: Email your legislators now and let them know that Pennsylvania wants affordable, accessible clean energy for all.

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