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Add Your Name for Clean Energy in Arizona!

Utility regulators at the Arizona Corporation Commission are weighing your state's energy future, and we need your voice. Add your name to power Arizona forward with more competitive, healthy, job-creating renewable energy!

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California Solar Rights Wildfire Resilience

We need to shout it from the (solar-powered) rooftops: Local clean energy is a win-win-win as we battle the climate crisis and fight to reduce wildfires, and we need more of it ASAP! Tell your lawmakers: Stand up for solar rights and a more resilient California.

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Join Vote Solar!

Together, we can repower our communities and our nation with sunshine. Joining Vote Solar lets us know that we can turn to you when we need an ally in our campaigns. We'll only email you when there is something solar related that you need to hear -- big news, local rallies and events, or an ...