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Take Action for Solar in Florida

A solar-powered, clean energy future means more jobs for the Sunshine State, more competitive energy options for consumers, and a healthier environment for Florida families. Florida voters overwhelmingly - 73% - voted YES on Amendment 4 - unlocking access to solar for more Florida families and businesses. Add your name to say thank you to ...

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Solar panels in Las Vegas

Speak Up for Nevada Solar

Nevada has been a solar-coaster (and not the fun kind) over the last eight months. At Vote Solar we are still hard at work on multiple fronts to reverse the PUCN’s decision to hike rates on existing and future solar customers late last year. We’re part of a mighty new coalition: We are excited to ...

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Weir, Franti & Hagar #RockTheSun at the CPUC

The fight for solar power is getting some star-power today—music legends Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Michael Franti and Sammy Hagar are holding a free pop-up set in San Francisco to stand (er, sing) in solidarity with us, celebrate solar progress and urge leaders to keep California shining with a strong net metering decision ...

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