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The sun shines for everyone, and together we can make sure solar does too. Solar’s record growth is improving health and well-being for all of us, but especially low-income families and frontline communities who feel the harmful impacts of pollution and climate change most. We are committed to making good on that promise.

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What's the Value of Solar in Arizona?

Next week, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will vote on the value of solar in Arizona. This decision will impact whether Arizonans can take advantage of one of the state’s most abundant natural resources – and have access to clean energy choices, lower utility bills, and a healthy environment. We need you to help shed ...

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Take Action: Every New Yorker Deserves Solar Access

The NY PSC is deciding now how many people will be allowed to participate in the shared solar program, and whether shared solar customers and rooftop solar customers should be treated equally. The answer is simple: everyone deserves the opportunity to reap the full benefits of solar, whether it’s on their roof or around the ...

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