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Vote YES for 100% Clean Energy in Illinois!

Act now to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act and put Illinois on the path to 100% clean energy! Let's put more of our homegrown sunshine and other renewable resources to work for Illinois, creating more jobs, reducing harmful pollution, and building a healthier and brighter future for our children.


Say I Love My Solar

Solar supporters, homeowners, & subscribers: You’re part of a nationwide movement speeding our transition to healthy, reliable, competitive clean energy. Here’s a fun, simple, and FREE way to show your support to the elected officials who decide our clean energy future. Make your postcard to say #ILoveMySolar! ❤️☀️


Join Vote Solar!

Together, we can repower our communities and our nation with sunshine. Joining Vote Solar lets us know that we can turn to you when we need an ally in our campaigns. We'll only email you when there is something solar related that you need to hear -- big news, local rallies and events, or an ...