Vote Solar Decries Senator Manchin’s Refusal to Invest in Climate

A statement from Chief Program Officer, Sean Garren

Vote Solar is deeply disappointed in Senator Manchin’s choice to sell out the future of the planet, all for his fossil fueled personal gain and big oil and coal cronies. On a personal level, I am devastated by this news. It is a deep betrayal of the hard work that so many put into building a clean energy package that centers economic opportunity and justice. Instead, the country will miss our single best chance to achieve our climate targets, create millions of new jobs, and make our energy system fairer and more just. Senate leadership had a set of incredibly impactful provisions ready to go – provisions that would have brought solar, wind, efficiency, and electric vehicles to millions, lowering monthly bills and fighting inflation – but Senator Manchin decided to single handedly torpedo it in favor of a fossil economy that benefits so few and hurts so, so many.

Americans overwhelmingly want climate action and support major investments in the clean energy economy – and that is true in West Virginia as well. Senator Manchin has turned his back on the will of the people, but history has shown us that with time and dedicated work, the people always win. For now, we will continue to build power for climate and energy justice as we deliver concrete progress in states all across the country. The health, wealth and safety of current and future generations demand it.

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