Look at what we accomplished together in 2019!

Thanks in huge part to Vote Solar's donors, partners and members, 2019 was a banner year for clean energy progress at the state level. Together we cut fossil fuel pollution, advanced climate justice, and protected solar rights in more than half of the country. Our work in 2019 will impact more than 75 million people ...

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Access & Equity: Learning from our Partners

The progress Vote Solar would like to see across the US cannot be achieved alone. For years we have effectively worked alongside advocates and concerned citizens alike towards increasing access to solar. We recognize the importance of sustained, equitable partnerships with organizations working at all levels of government with different approaches to the work. Working ...

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Vote Solar Honors Solar Champions During Annual Equinox Celebration

Vote Solar, a national nonprofit solar advocacy organization, honored its 2018 Solar Champion Award recipients last night as part of its Equinox fundraiser and celebration in San Francisco. “We look to leaders who are walking the walk on the path to a 100% renewable energy future where solar shines for everyone,” said Adam Browning, Executive ...