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Access & Equity Advisory Committee

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About the Access & Equity Advisory Committee

Vote Solar’s Access & Equity Advisory Committee works together to address challenges states face when implementing low-income solar programs. Each year, the Access and Equity Advisory Committee will rotate and meet to explore and provide recommendations to address the most pressing barriers to low-income solar program implementation.

As states design solar programs with low-income components, they must always keep their eye towards building more access and a more equitable process. States face a number of challenges in implementation that risk reducing access to solar programs for low-income families and families of color.

Throughout 2021, the Access and Equity Team interviewed partners in the solar industry, environmental justice organizations, and nonprofit organizations to learn what barriers customers face everyday.

We have convened an Access & Equity Advisory Committee to identify challenges, best practices, and solutions for low-income solar program implementation. The AEAC meets once a year to explore challenges with low-income solar program implementation, identify best practices, and offer solutions to problems. Through the work of the AEAC to date, we published two issue briefs.

Issue Brief: Barriers to Low-Income Residential Solar Programs

Read the Vote Solar Access & Equity Advisory Committee's recommendations on how to mitigate housing barriers to solar adoption in low-income residential solar programs.

Issue Brief: Successful LMI Solar Initiatives

Read the Vote Solar Access & Equity Advisory Committee's recommendations on solutions to barriers in state-run solar program implementation in low- to moderate-income communities.

Access & Equity Advisory Committee

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