Minnesotans call for clean energy at Xcel Energy hearing

In October, I joined community members, health professionals, students and climate activists in Minneapolis, MN to call on Xcel Energy to secure more renewable energy resources through its 15 year plan, called an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). We rallied outside and then filled the room at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) hearing. Here’s what ...

Net Metering

Installing solar panels

MN Value of Solar Process Confirms that Net Metering is A Fair Deal

Last week the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a first-ever statewide value of solar methodology. Some are proposing that this process be more widely used to establish Value of Solar Tariffs (VOST) as an alternative to tried-and-true net metering. Full disclosure: I admit it – I’m a net metering geek. The policy adopted by nearly ...