Vote Solar Finds Proposed El Paso Electric Gas Plant Expansion Unnecessary

Las Cruces, NM -- El Paso Electric has miscalculated and mismanaged its electricity resources, leading it to the false conclusion that it needs an additional gas turbine at its Newman Generating Station in El Paso, TX to meet peak demand and load growth, finds solar advocacy group Vote Solar in testimony submitted to the New ...


Progress on Solar For All in Sunny New Mexico

Good news: Our Vote Solar team has been working tirelessly to ensure that everyone in New Mexico can tap into our solar market and save on energy bills. In the 2020 legislative session, we made important progress on affordable, healthy, job-creating solar energy for all in New Mexico! Here in sunny New Mexico, solar just ...

Net Metering

Like rollover minutes for a cell phone, net metering gives solar energy customers full credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they contribute to the grid.

This simple billing arrangement is one of the most important state policies for helping Americans generate their own power from the sun. By encouraging private investment in local solar power, it’s creating jobs, reducing utility costs, and building a cleaner energy future for us all.